You don’t see.

You don’t see how wide his smile when he gets to finally meets you. You don’t see how often he prays to God that he would be able to see you today. You don’t see how lonely he gets when he plays with his toys in your empty house. You don’t see how disappointed he gets when you don’t attend the school play where he fought for the part of the prince because he wanted to impress you. You don’t see how hard he’s trying to stay positive despite your absence. You don’t see him crying as he convinces himself that you still love him.

You don’t see how that innocent young boy changed into something so broken. You’ll never know the boy who used to be someone full of hope and love. The boy who had unconditional love for you. Someone who loved you more than life itself.

You’ll never know.


The illusion of love.

“I don’t know.

If being in love only made people feel more lonely,

why would everyone want it so much?”


“Because of the illusion. You fall in love,

it’s intoxicating and for a little while,

you actually Continue reading “The illusion of love.”