Your Kisses.

Your kisses show more than affection.

They show desire. Desire so strong that no amount of time or distance can pull us apart. Desire proving that I was the most precious thing to you, the most beautiful soul, the only one for you.

They show forgiveness. Forgiveness such that no matter what I’ve done, I know you’ll be there to believe in me once again, take me by the hands and guide me.

They show patience. Patience needed to grow a tree, the patience needed to let me learn, grow and be a ‘work-in-progress’. Patience to wait for the ‘rest of your lives’ to begin.

They show trust. Trust between two brothers, trust between a guide dog and it’s owner. Trust that is dependable, between a man and his soulmate. Trust that there is no one else, but each other.

They show hope. Hope that there is an ‘us’ in the future. Hope that we will grow, learn and conquer life together. Hope that tomorrow will be better than today, because everyday we step closer to our forever.

Your kisses show me a kind of love I’ve never experienced before.

Your kisses show me the kind of love I never want to lose.

The kind of love that I can only get from you.

The kind of love that I can only give to you.


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